Mirko van der Waal

Web developer and functional programming enthusiast.

I'm familiar with Python, Elixir, Javascript, Lisp and a variety of shells, besides this I'm also familiar with version control software such as git and RDBM's like MySQL and PostgreSQL.



Captain is a wrapper application for lemonbar (customizable bar based on xcb). It makes the annoying things such as: Seperate scripts, layout, mouse events and color a lot easier by using a single configuration file and a logical directory hierarchy.


Shell Make

Think of it like pass, except with more features and a more maintainable codebase. Orml is a password/data manager which offers various security and convenience features.


Elixir Javascript

Lift is a forum application created for people within the Dutch participation law. It's main focus was around mobile compatibility, OAuth integration from popular providers like Facebook and Google and a tweaked user interface to match the target audience.



Mi is a Javascript transpiler using its own Lisp dialect. In it's current state it understands a set of statements and operators and converts these to AST nodes.



Teachery is a customizable web application with 3 handy tools aimed at teachers. This was a group project, made with two other developers. One of its functions is (unofficial) integration with Magister, a popular school system in The Netherlands. A live demo is available here.